“I have received Sports and Deep Tissue massages from Rosa and I find her treatments very personalised and intuitive. She always applies the right pressure and spends the right amount of time on areas of the body that are in need. Rosa works confidently and knowledgably, including on injured areas. Most important for me is the deep relaxation she instils through her manner and her understanding of anatomy, which means there is a real trust and letting go in her capable hands.”
Tina Jess, Trainer, London

“I do not hesitate to recommend Rosa’s massage therapy. I find her to be very sensitive, but also firm when needed or desired. She uses her incredible intuition and expertise to focus on the areas of greatest need. As well as relaxing and rejuvenating my body she helped to heal an ongoing lower back pain, offering me enormous relief and an overall sense of well-being.”
Katrina Mahr, Naturopathic Nutritionist, London

“I received monthly massages from Rosa for a number of years. Her intuitive and highly skilful touch was so helpful to me every time. She is capable of melting bodily stress and bringing a sense of overall balance and well-being. Not only did I feel relaxed after a session with Rosa, but I also found more mental clarity and concentration. I would highly recommend Rosa’s therapeutic and rejuvenating touch for anyone.”
Nancy Blum, Family Therapist, San Francisco

“I have had massage treatments from Rosa on many occasions and have found them to be deeply calming and healing. Rosa knows how to work with my chronic patterns in a non-invasive way. She gets to the heart of the problem and her work has had a lasting positive effect on my overall well-being.”
Alex Gibson, Care Coordinator, London